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Nagaland Bible School

THE NEW CAMPUS FOR THE NAGALAND began in May 2016. This was done by renting two buildings for clas-ses and places for the students to live. It was very costly, so I urged Sing to find out the cost of land. Due to the very large population in the country land is very expensive, especially near the larger cities. Since the country is tropical it lends itself to simple housing; so I asked Sing about leasing land and building our own campus. As you can see from the pictures he went at the project with boldness. He was able to lease for ten years two-thirds of an acre for $720.00 a year and on May 9th, he was ready to begin construction. It, as you see, is made of bamboo, with tin roofs and concrete floors. Simple Besides the main building which will be used as a classroom and a place for worship, it has eight other buildings on the grounds. They consist of two separate buildings as dormitories for men and woman, other classrooms, separate rooms as housing for teachers and staff, toilets for students, staff and teachers; and others. All the buildings (9) altogether occupy 7,150 square feet and the total cost of construction was $24,410.00, which means the cost per square foot was $3.41. In comparison in India a brick and mortar building costs just over $18.00 a square foot.


Tamil Nadu Bible Institute

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Karbi Bible institute