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Books, Tracts, Handouts & Topics of Interest

Books, Tracts, Handouts and Topics of Interest


 Note: The books and tracts named below are distributed freely in order to spread the gospel of our Lord. No one should order them to sell. Please check the cost of postage and pay that, if you will.  Also, you may send a gift for more books to be printed if you wish.     

IS THERE A UNIVERSAL CODE OF ETHICS?  Twenty-one lessons by 14 authors, among whom are those with more than 165 years of experience evangelizing outside the U.S., with lessons on: the gospel and culture, bribery, booze, gambling, abortion, euthanasia, war and government, MDR, etc.  Edited by Jim Waldron.   (Out of print)

 DIVORCE DEBATE: (Olan Hicks vs Jim Waldron). Debate held in 1977, at Karns near Knoxville, TN. - sponsored by the elders of the Karns church.  According to Hicks’ doctrine a man could mess up seventy nine Christian girls and be justified even if he took wife number 80. Numerous charts on MDR and some special ones from the Greek on the subject.  

CLASSICAL PRE-MILLENNIAL DEBATE: (Pickering vs Waldron).  Held in Australia in 1974 on the 1000 Year Reign - dealing with errors of the “Left Behind Series,”  which claims that Jesus, millennialists and fleshly Israel will rule the earth for a literal 1000 years from Jerusalem.  

 BIBLE WINES: by William Patton. America’s number one drug problem is beverage alcohol. This small book is a great tool for stopping the mouths of those who seek to justify beverage alcohol, socially or otherwise.   Social drinkers need to read this book and repent.

LETTERS: EXCHANGE ON THE HOLY SPIRIT: A mini-debate through letters between Brother Mac Deaver and Waldron. Deaver affirms that the Holy Spirit lives supernaturally in the saint.  Order one, a dozen or more and use them in your class discussions.  

 THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  by Howard Winters. A classic book on  how the Holy Spirit lives in the Christian.  It is a powerful tool to put to rest the speculation that the Holy Spirit literally (personally) dwells in the Christian.  

 PACKET ON MENTAL DIVORCE:  This includes an exchange of letters on the subject between brother Terry Hightower and J. Waldron.  

THE BOOK OF MORMON, A BOOK OF ERROR AND FRAUD: by Jon Gary Williams. Joseph Smith, who in 1830 founded the “Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS),” had many wives. Teachers may use this to fortify Christians to the dangers of this man-made organization.   /p>

THE OTHER SIDE OF EVOLUTION: by Jon Gary Williams.  This little book needs to be studied in every classroom (6th grade to adult) in order to arm the saints to refute the pagan theory called organic evolution, which claims that mankind came from rocks and dirt.  

THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY.  This article was published in The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN in October 2012.  It is in booklet form and needs to be in every household in the country, to help rescue out nation (Jude7).

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BIBLE STUDY: by Jon Gary Williams. An easy-to-use booklet designed for classroom use (6th—adult), to help the average person study and understand the scriptures.  Free to individuals and congregations in any quantity for class, etc. 

THE LION/THE LAMB: A commentary on the book of Revelation by Waldron based on 576 questions over the entire book. Examples: It defines symbols, e.g. Armageddon, 666, the Lamb with seven horns, etc.  Great for a class on the book.

& INTRODUCTION TO FAITH HOME STUDY BOOK: This is a small booklet of thirteen lessons designed for house to house Bible studies which begins with, Why Should We Believe In God? And covers basic teaching to lead one to Christ and His kingdom. Designed to be used as a cottage meeting or prison teaching booklet; it is also an effective class room book for 7th through adults. An urgent book for study.

 VITAL FUNDAMENTALS: by Jerry Frazier.  A great tool on fundamentals of the faith by a brother who obeyed the gospel in prison.  A great tool for classrooms from 6th grade and up, and prison work.   

THE SERPENTINE ROAD: by David Hallett.  An autobiographical account of the life of a Canadian brother in India from 1963 to 1993. He was a young man of 26, who was abandoned on the field by an older missionary, but conducted a school of preaching for 25 years on a “shoe string” budget.  Order these for your youth to open their minds to the urgency of the gospel.

 WHO IS SAVED? (Vol. I, II, III, & IV) by Fred Bogle of Orlando, FL.  Basic Bible lessons in booklet form which are great for classroom study or as an aid in teaching non-members.These are very good to give out to all members of your class as an assignment to read.   

THE CURRENT ISSUES: by Foy E. Wallace, Jr. and published in 1967.  An excellent refutation of the doctrine of forbidding brethren who oppose congregational help for homeless children.  

 SHOULD WE PRAY TO JESUS? Jon Gary Williams who deals forthrightly with this disturbing doctrine.

DEFENDING DIVINE DOCTRINE PERTAINING TO PRAYER:  by brother Jason Hillburn.  This is an excellent treatise dealing with the erroneous doctrine of praying to Jesus and the Holy Ghost.   

100 SONGS OF PRAISE TO GOD:  This little book consists of 90 songs that were chosen for their emphasis on singing in four part harmony and ten new songs by Andrew Robinson.  There is a section at the back of the book on how to teach/read shape notes.  Great for a singing school.

THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH AND HIS KINGDON. This is a new book by Waldron that has just been released.  It has only 36 pages, but is designed to show that Christ's church (ecclesia), which was founded on Pentacost was the kingdom of Christ and God (Ephesians 5:5;cf, Colossians 1:13); and that He sits at the right hand of God in heaven (Acts 2:33) as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah reigning over it.  Great for distribution to your friends and neighbors who believe the kingdom has not come.  Order several.


 TRACTS: by Waldron; order one, a dozen, a 100 or more.

 The Model prayer, An excellent tract on prayer for saint or sinner.  An excellent tool to distribute to those outside the kingdom.

The Parameters of Giving:  One brother reported that their giving jumped 20 percent after the church read this tract.

Jesus Said: An excellent study for your denominational friends.

Milestones of Early Life:  A powerful and beautiful tract dealing with abortion.  A great tract to hand to anyone. A real door opener, that will hel you to approach individuals about salvation in Christ.


This is a free service, as an evangelistic outreach. They are designed to strengthen the fiber of the body. Sometimes we are asked about the cost of printing books. If you will, you may pay the postage after you receive your order or help in other ways as you are able. Please do not order books with the intent to resell. If you wish to make a donation at approximately the cost of a book; the average is about $2.50.


Tracts below are in .pdf format, please click on the link.   (Opens a new window)

 *Marriage and Divorce, this tract deals with eight human doctrines on MDR.

*The Gift of the Holy Spirit, showing that the Spirit lives and acts in Christians as Christ does. 

 * Is The Doctrine of Saints Only in Benevolence True?

 * Beware of Forbidding Brethren

 *The Joy of Giving. This illustrates that Christians are not required to give so little as 10% to the Lord.

*Does the Bible Sanction the Use of Beverage Alcohol in Different Countries Accoring to Local Custom?