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Jim E. Waldron:

A Brief History

Jim E. Waldron

Jim E. Waldron was born in Nashville, Tennessee November 4, 1935.  He completed High School in 1955 and enrolled in David Lipscomb that autumn.  He holds a BA in history from Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN., and MS in Agriculture Extension Education from the University of Tennessee.  He is a trained EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). 

On February 22, 1958, he and Laura Gary of Oak Ridge, Tennessee were married in the building of the New York Ave. Church of Christ. The Waldrons have three sons and one daughter, (the daughter Ruth was adopted in Pakistan in 1970), nine grandchildren and three great-grand-children. 

Jim began preaching in June 1955, and has preached one and one-half years in North Carolina, six and one-half years in Middle, Tennessee, ten years in East Tennessee, and three years in Cincinnati where he also served as an elder.

For a total of ten years between 1967 and 1982 the Waldrons as a family lived and worked abroad in Pakistan (1967–1970), Australia (1971-1975) and Hong Kong (1979-1982).  He has taught for extended periods in schools of preaching in Pakistan; Australia; East Tennessee at Karns, Knoxville; India, Nepal; and Ukraine.

Jim has engaged in fourteen public debates. Two are in print: one on the subject of marriage and divorce and one on the thousand-year reign. Four are available on DVD, two on the subject of the manner in which the Holy Spirit dwells in Christians and two on the anti-orphan home and anti-cooperation issues.

In 1986 Waldron began traveling abroad from six to eight months each year in order to set up and/or conduct schools for native workers in various countries to train them to reach their own with the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom. He has, by the grace of God and with the help of many fellow servants of Christ, been instrumental in setting up Bible training schools in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Ukraine. He no longer works in the latter three, but concentrates his work in India. Thanks to God and the service of many servants of Christ in that country there are presently over 600 training for service in 68 Bible schools in five Indian states. Waldron strongly believes that faithful (2 Tim. 2:2) disciples should be trained in their own countries to work with their own people to win souls for Jesus and build strong local churches. 

 While being so trained in the schools of preaching they are also encouraged to learn a trade that they may become tent making servants of Christ (cf., Acts 18:3; 20:34); and not constitute a welfare situation for the church in America. More than two thousand brothers in South India alone are diligently serving our Master in this manner.

From the time the Waldrons first went to Pakistan in 1967, until the present they have always served under the care of a congregation with elders. Since July 2003, their work has been with the Crossville Church of Christ, P.O. Box 1010, Crossville, TN 38557; Phone 931-484-5297. Ex 4.

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