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  • Angie Greene
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    Operation Compassion

    Although we have been supplying help for indigent widowed sisters in India for about twenty years the increase in the number of conversions and congregations in recent years has brought a surge in the number of those who need our assistance;  it is extremely difficult for an American to realize their poverty.  However, we continue to require, except in extreme cases, that a widow who is baptized wait from 18 to 24 months before she receives help.  Our first reason for this is that we do not want them to be baptized for the sake of material things (loaves and fishes, John 6:26).  Another reason is that the government has a law, and rightly so, against people being enticed to change their religion.

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  • Angie Greene School

    Angie Greene School for Women

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  • Dindigul Bible Institute

     Bible Institutes

    Dindigul Bible Institute, Tamil Nadu Bible Institute, Karbi Bible Institute

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